Meet the Singapore Special

Meet the Singapore Special

The Singapore Special is a dog that has been bred in the streets, this means that cross-breeding occurs resulting in a crossbred progeny.

With this understanding, it would be more accurate to say that Singapore Specials are not a type of breed per se, but rather a type of dog (e.g. pure-bred vs cross-bred vs pedigree). Crossbred dogs are also more internationally known as "mongrels", "mixed-breeds", or "mutts".

General Temperament of the Singapore Special
Having lived on the streets, Singapore Specials are known to be skittish as they might have trust issues. They will usually need time to warm up to humans and more often than not, with patience and love, the Singapore Special will be a sweet, playful, loving, and loyal companion. 

Health & Expected Life Span
Generally, the Singapore Special is a rather healthy dog. Having a mix of gene pools results in the recessive genes that carry the health problems being weeded out, resulting in a healthier dog. This means less visits to the veterinarian! Singapore Specials usually live a relatively longer life of 15 years or more. 

Physical Features
Being a cross-breed, Singapore Specials can come in many different shades of coat and may look distinctively different. Based on our observation, many Singapore Specials have brownish coats and are usually mid-sized dogs, weighing 15 - 20 kg.

Adopt a Singapore Special
Before you commit, understand that being a dog owner is truly a commitment that involves time, money, love and patience. It will not always be easy, especially in the beginning. If you are still wondering whether you might ready to get a dog, take this quiz by the American Kennel Club.

There are many Singapore Specials waiting to be rescued in the various animal shelters here in Singapore. If you are able to, your best friend might just be waiting for you at one of these animal shelters.


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